Tuesday, March 8, 2011


This weekend weren't nothing special, paid a visit to watch the Mardi Gras, upon request of the old lady- but goddamn is that place a cesspit of underage girls wearing not enough. Ain't gunna make that mistake again! Not to mention, on the way there le chariot blows a wheel on the freeway! Shredded all 'round, like a can- not sure what happened, I think i hit something the night before.

Glad i'd slowed a bit before that went down! Then I found out someone had taken the locknut key from my glove compartment- so i solved the situation in as graceful a manner as i am able: i got a tire iron and kicked it onto the locknut until it was jammed in. There goes $300 for a new set of tires!

Kebabs at Darling Harbor really saved the night, though. There ain't many places much nicer than Darling Harbor in Sydney.

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