Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hot Damn! Totally buying this!

One of my favorite movie cars ever is up for auction! The Batmobile from "Batman Returns":

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The following vehicle is up for auction in the US on 29th January 2011. A deposit is required prior to auction to enable registration and bidding, so please contact us as soon as possible if this vehicle interests you.

If you are interested in this vehicle, please let us know as soon as possible and provide the Stock ID (above).

Auction Details:

Kissimmee, FL Auction

January 26-30, 2011

This Lot scheduled to be sold SAT 29 January 2011 at 3:20PM

1992 Batmobile

From the 1992 Movie Batman Returns


One of the most famous cars in the history of cinema, the Tim Burton-era Batmobile was an aggressive departure from both the 1960s Barris version and its comic counterparts. The version offered here is serial number three of that series, appearing in 1992's Batman Returns. Production designer Anton Furst followed Burton's Frank Miller-inspired vision of a darker image for the Caped Crusader that translated perfectly into the Batmobile's menacing look.

Built on an enlarged Impala chassis and powered by a small block Chevy V-8, the Batmobile's handcrafted body is recognizable the world over. From the large jet turbine intake to its trademark batwing fins, the Batmobile bristles with purposeful design cues and good old-fashioned Bat-weaponry, its snug two-piece cockpit rivaling commercial aircraft in its profusion of instrumentation.

Retired after the completion of Batman Returns, the car has built a strong following with fans and is a guaranteed draw at public events and shows.


- The #3 movie car
- Used in the Warner Brothers movie "Batman Returns"
- 140 inch wheel base
- Hydraulic lifts on both front and back ends
- Mickey Thompson Indy profile tires
- Chevrolet 350 CI
- Headman headers
- Fuel injection
- Chevrolet 350 turbo transmission
- Driven by Michael Keaton in the movie
- Sold on BILL OF SALE only

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