Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Sunday well spent.

Well, got up early on Sunday morning to finish off my buddy’s SR500 café racer that we built from the ground up after stripping an old SR500 track bike.

Pretty much everything on the bike is brand new, save the frame and the engine, and at the last bolt (putting the nut on the front fork to hold the axle in place), wouldn’t you know it, the goddamn bolt broke.

We tried drilling the damn thing and tapping a new thread, but it just didn’t work, so- remember, this is the last goddamn bolt- we had to take the front fork off again to go get it machined.

Oh well, such is life, and it should be on the road by the end of the week.
Still a damned frustration!
Stay sly, ladies.

Bonus pictures of some young birds in a nest in my backyard:

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