Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Coast to Coast to Coast

Duders, check it out- Max Schaaf of 4Q, Oakland, has a post up about his article for Hot Bike magazine, which was about the ride he and his buddies took from Oakland to Brooklyn and back again.

Really inspiring stuff- especially as I've been aiming for a ride like this in the next couple of years. Some brilliant pictures and a god write-up.

The 4Q guys do it again- they just rule. Hit it up!

Bikes ridden:
2 '69 Shovelheads
'68 BSA

It’s hard to put a trip like this into words. Other people have tried to sum up our trip for me and have used labels like
“life changing”
“a hard time”
“a once in a lifetime opportunity”
and “the experience of a lifetime”,
I can’t simplify it into just a few words.

It was long fucking ride.

You’re at it again, listening to the motor, watching the road ahead, checking over your friends’ bikes as they roll next to you. No talking, rolling towards a destination that feels a million miles away. Some times the “what ifs” consume you. There is a lot that could go wrong, an easy place to die for sure. But when faced with the little fuck-ups; flats, breakdowns, outta gas, or lost…. You just keep looking forward. Get me to the end of the day; get to where the road leads you. America is still beautiful, there’s lots of folks still down to talk.

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