Sunday, February 6, 2011


So my old lady and me headed out to the rocks this weekend- goddamn it was hot! I heard somewhere it was 42 degrees (celsius). Hot damn! At some points it felt like the centre of the sun.

Turns out all these marks on the stone are from the different tools each dude who carved it used, so the company could see how much work each individual had done each day.

Le Chariot

Riding was pretty damn uncomfortable, hell- stopping felt better than the hot, dry wind going all over you, like a giant hairdryer.

Anyway, food: The Wine Oddessy, the Rocks, Sydney. Both "Journeys" were $19.95 AUD, and the drinks were reasonable too- very extensive selection of wines. Joint was a little dusty in the courtyard, but the inside of the building (converted terrace home) was nice, and you can eat outside on the street, which was lively due to the Rocks Markets being on. Food was reasonable, the tandoori chicken and roast beef were good, some of the accompanying dishes were a little flavor weak and portions were p. small. Overall a reasonable place to eat a relaxed lunch, but we were hungry soon after.

Went to Parramatta Westfield the next day, and ran into the tryouts for Australia's Next Top Model. We were p. good at picking the ones who would go through- maybe i should apply to be a judge on this show!

There were a lot of really over-confident ladies, though, and damn it all- the best contestant, some broad with really long red hair, didn't get through. Watching it was actually more fun than I expected it to be!

Also, saw this goddamn abomination- who would do this to a Magna? They ain't the prettiest or fastest cars, but they don't deserve a fate this horrid!

Rounded out the weekend with a ride to the Northwest side and then a BBQ at my cousin's place to celebrate chinese new year (Note the Crown Lager).

Mahalo, Party!

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